Sedona Retreat - Master Your Bliss!

Sedona Retreat - Master Your Bliss!

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This is the Sedona retreat - Master Your Bliss, Master Your Future (April 24-29 2015). Includes audio downloads and streaming access to all videos. Watch on your tv using the VHX app.

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So many of us believe that in order to secure our future, we need to plan ahead and be careful.
What I have found to be true is quite the opposite: in order to make sure that our future contains all that we dream of-all that makes our heart overflow with joy and love- is to learn how to master our frequency today and everyday.

In this way, we naturally build up our vibration to attract an amazing, beyond-our-wildest dreams type of future-now.

Expect practical tools and mind-transcending insights into the nature of consciousness and frequency, and learn to live like a realized god.

You are a powerful creator by nature- now learn to use it consciously, instead of working against your flow.

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Sedona Retreat - Master Your Bliss!

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