Divine Love and Wisdom - Boulder Retreat

Divine Love and Wisdom - Boulder Retreat

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This is the Divine Love and Wisdom retreat (Boulder. Dec 16 - 18 2016). Includes audio downloads and streaming access to all videos. Watch on your tv using the VHX app.

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Join Bentinho Massaro for a 3-day weekend intensive on "Divine Love & Wisdom" in his home town of beautiful Boulder, CO.

In this intensive Bentinho will go deeply into the vibratory state of unconditional love, which comes with a transcendent, cosmic wisdom. This is something we all have access to if only we are willing to awaken these frequencies within our consciousness. Bentinho will radiate these vibrations while using words and instructions to point you to an experiential realization of a truly magnificent divine bliss, love and wisdom within yourself.

Daily sessions include Bentinho’s discourses followed by intimate Q&A sessions, silent transmissions and guided meditations with Peter James on guitar.

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Divine Love and Wisdom - Boulder Retreat

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