Definitive Enlightenment Study Course - 5 Week Course

Definitive Enlightenment Study Course - 5 Week Course

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While many amazing beings study these teachings and come to my retreats, only a percentage of them have truly anchored in the realization of Perfect Awareness to a degree that it gives them permanent peace, liberation and clarity--beyond the distractions of the personal bubble.

With the arrival of my Empowerment-based teachings a few years after I had already been pointing to Enlightenment, students started expanding into being the powerful creators they are when focused in alignment with their Higher Selves.

However, I sense that many are overlooking--and perhaps undervaluing--the benefits and importance of the Enlightenment teachings, and so I desire to host a series of intimate, online discourses, where I will explain clearly--and point directly to--the Direct Realization of the Greater Self.

It is my wish that this course becomes the definitive (as in: all you really need) platform for triggering a balanced-yet-rapid realization of Enlightenment, which liberates you 'for once and for all'.

I will go into great detail on the most important aspects of the Path of Enlightenment, yet consistently bring you back to the experiential nature of cultivating one simple trigger:

In each moment to identify with Perfect Awareness, rather than the appearances arising within it, until all confusion and resistance is resolved in the abiding presence of an ever-luminous bliss.

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Definitive Enlightenment Study Course - 5 Week Course

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