2-Day Asheville Intensive 2017

2-Day Asheville Intensive 2017

This is the Asheville NC 2-Day Retreat (Oct. 14th & 15th 2017). Included in your subscription!
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Retreat Description:

Come be in presence with Bentinho Massaro and soak in the realization of The One Infinite Beingness and its Absolute Source. By sharing presence with one who sees only the One Infinite Creator in all things, a contagious activation takes place that will increase your awareness of the True Self and its blissful radiance, which in truth is ever completely available to you now.

Through silent transmission, dialogue, Q&A, and direct immersion in your True Self, Bentinho will guide you into an effortless awakening to the profound, formless, location-free bliss of your true Being.

Bentinho used to live in Asheville, NC and give weekly satsangs over 4 years ago. This is his first return to this area in a long time.

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2-Day Asheville Intensive 2017

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